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January 25, 2007 10:56pm CST
I am a Cafe Host By my Job.I Get Regularly Visited By Most of My Friendly Customers,Even My Friends Come Twice or Thrice in A Week To See me.But Even They Make Stress Like I May be a Worker and They are My Boss.They Still Act Friendly But it Still Makes me Gives A Lot Of Stress in My Mind.My Stress Even Increases When an Arrogant Customers Come To the Cafe Who Do Act Friendly But Get On Your Nerves Tell me What to do with Them.
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• United States
4 Mar 07
There isn't much you can do about them - but there is a lot you can do about yourself! Remind yourself every time that you have stress that it isn't worth it! Consider this - the people who make your life stressful won't remember or won't even realize they made you stressed! They will leave your cafe - go on with their day and totally forget about you! Now, why should you hold the stress of someone who doesn't even have the courtesy to remember you? Just tell yourself, "Self, it isn't worth it - LET IT GO!" Try visualization to help yourself through stressful times. I try to imagine the person who is giving me stress in a compromising situation. For example, thinking about the person standing in a public place in his/her underwear. In my imagination - their underwear is really wild - like pink with valentine hearts for men or army green for women! I sure makes me laugh inside and realize how silly it all really is!
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• India
25 Feb 07
Hey Dude i am at u r Cafe. But u know What u r not Here. I Saw u r Ratings is 228. How much do u sit in a Week.? But i am not the one one Getting on u r Nerves.