Do u think every adult is a child in one corner of his heart?

Child - I am a child
@maapav (729)
January 25, 2007 11:01pm CST
I think I am. Sometimes I think I am behaving like a child to be pampered or to be loved. Yes sometimes I like to jump, dance but my consciousness says you are not a child.But i wish I be a child sometimes.What do u say?
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@sudhajan (1219)
• France
26 Jan 07
yes I think i behave some times like a child and pampered by my loved one.When i got to visit some places like hill stations or some place where we can enjoy then i enjoy myself a lot and shout,jump and behave like a child and i enjoy myself a lot.I think it is not a mistake to be conscious that we are adults and we should not behave like a child. we can enjoy even if we are adult.
• United States
26 Jan 07
well for me.... i am a 24 year old married woman with a 5 year old daughter. i love having fun, goofing around, being silly, my daughter loves it when i act all childish as well, it makes her laugh and happy. I act that way whenever i can, i may be 24 but to me i will always be a child. dont get me wrong i am responsible and act my age when i need to or when it regards my parenting and being a wife, but why act your age if you dont need to to? live and enjoy life as long as you can!
@freesoul (3023)
• Egypt
26 Jan 07
Yes I think that part of me has never grown up :) I still feel like a child sometimes and I miss my careless days of childhood :)
@sunnypub (2130)
• United States
26 Jan 07
I would hope that every adult does have a bit if child left in their heart. I think it is really important to never forget that child part of you. It really keeps you young and allows you to let go at times and have a great time. i definately do not supress my inner child. I love to get crazy and let go sometimes.