The War on Drugs is a Joke

Legalize It - A picture depecting the legalization of marijuana.
January 25, 2007 11:21pm CST
The war on drugs is ridiculous. Im not talking about the hard drugs such as heroin and cocaine, but particularly reffering to marijuana. Why should people be jailed, fined, and suffer the rest of their lives with a criminal record not able to get a job easily and having to be screened for everything they do. Its not fair that the government allows alcohol to be accessible to anyone and tobacco and marijuana is such a DANGEROUS drug they say. It is no different than any other drug that is legal in the states, the only difference is that the government makes good money off the legal drugs. Heck, every other commercial you see on TV is founded by the US goverment for another new drug they have invented for a *new* type of illness. Wow, I have a restless leg syndrome where i get up and go to the fridge every night to get a snack. There surely must be a drug for that illness. **sarcastic cough** Ads are all over the country for people to try these safe prescription drugs, and yet, 5 years down the road they realize that the synthetically made drugs lead to heart failure. What a laugh. How safe is that? Should we trust our government? Canada is becoming more and more marijuana friendly, but obviously has to be somewhat strict on their laws because their neighbouring superpower, the United States government is serious about having zero tolerance on the drug issue. Its preventing Canada from having their say. That is another story, that Canada must take charge of their nation, but the problem all lies within the states and their ridiculous "war on drugs", as they call it. War on drugs, yeah right. More like war on the people who happen to use drugs not under the supervision of politics. There is no need to carry out this foolishness, wasting billions of dollars and costing tax payers fortunes to "clean up the country". Let the people live. Legalize pot, and do not tax it.
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