when kids are out of control

January 25, 2007 11:24pm CST
How do you approach someone you know and tell them that their parenting skills are not the best? Especially when their kids are running around, and losing control? I mean I know some kids come with various issues, but when a parent is just sitting on their butt and letting their children run wild, how do you calmly say to them that they need to get off their butt and tend to their children?
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26 Jan 07
I've dealt with this in the past. We had a couple of friends of ours who had a child and would come over and let him run wild. I finally got tired of it and posted a sign on my living room wall telling everyone who came into our home with children that they were to watch and take care of their child while in our home. It's not easy to approach someone and tell them that you disagree with their parenting, but sometimes, it's for the better. They may not even realize that their child is out of control!