what is your true dream? who do you want to be?

January 26, 2007 12:09am CST
Sending a message to all of you! I understand that people have many dreams they would like to obtain,but yet their discouraged by the judgment of others! I would like to express that I've removed myself from the opinions of man kind.I am no longer concerned about their motive.I truly believe we all have a purpose,it's just that at times we tend to get distracted and forget that we were all born Kings & Queens. I have 3 Questions for you WHAT DO YOU REALLY WANT IN LIFE? ( at this point) WHAT STOPS YOU FROM SEEING YOU VIISON CLEARLY? WHAT ADVICE CAN YOU GIVE TO ANOTHER DREAMER? feel free to leave quotes...:) "TRUE SUCCESS IS HELPING OTHER GET TO THE TOP AS WELL " to your success
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