Kindly Killing Your Pain

Paracetamol - gently killing your pain - Paracetamol tablets package
January 26, 2007 12:27am CST
Paracetamol,also known as acetaminophen is a very effective drug used for home medication for many years.It is a very effective treatmant for pain and fever in adults and children.It's analgesic and antipyretic effects are comparable to those of aspirin.This drug can be taken by virtually anybody because intaractions with other treatments is not a problem.At the recomended dosage there is virtually no side effects, it is suitable for both childern and elderly,and is well tolerated by patients who have peptic ulcer or asthma.It appears that paracetamol has a highly targeted action in the brain,blocking an enzyme involved in the transmission of pain.In fact the effectiveness of paracetamol was discovered without knowing how it works.For adults, the recomended dosage is two 500mg tablets every four to six hours.No more than 8 tablets or capsules should be taken in 24 hours.As with other medicines,paracetamol should not be taken on a longterm basis unless under the supervision of a doctor.Research shows that the common threshold for liver damage to occur from a single paracetamol overdose is 15 gms(30 tablets).There are often no symptoms in the first 24 hours following overdose,although there maybe mild nausea and vomiting.In large overdose liver function deteriorates leading to jaundice,confusion and loss of conciousness.Death is rare, but when it occurs, it is due to liver faliure.
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26 Jan 07
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