Have ur ever felt your love 2 b infatuation???

January 26, 2007 12:29am CST
Hey guys i luv mah gal lyk crazy an even she loves me lyk anything... we jus cant live widout each other an jus wanna be together forever... but sometimes wenever we hav some small fights i jus cant stop mahself from thinking dat do i really luv her??? cant i really live widout her??? is dis luv or jus infatuation??? all dis questions start pondering over mah mind an jus stop mahself from thinking all dis.. guys is dis normal an if not wat shud i do to stop dis feeling to develop....
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@style21f (60)
• India
27 Jan 07
see dear ages have gone in understandin between love and infatutation... i too was vicitim of the same thing i thought i loved a guy.. but tht turned out to infatutation... love is wot actually unexpressable.... where as infatuation is expressable wen u goooo crazy about something then thts infatuation wen u in love u really dont know wot to do.. in life times come wen u mistake infatuation with love... in love u feel from inside to change for tht person.. where as in infatuation u feel tht person is dominatin u... in infatuation u go mad wen u hear tht person name where as in love a sweet smile is seen on the person's face wen his or her beloved name is take.. love is secret where as infatuation is public... see dear wen u in love u dont care whether ur love is near to u or seven oceans apart .. love is feelin where as infatuation is jus mere phone calls, messages and stolen kisses... love is life time been together for tht person whom u love... i hope i tried to clear ur doubt...