what do i do about my cat

January 26, 2007 12:47am CST
my cat is old and very scared he jump from any, he scared or thunder and rain which most cats are as they dont like to get wet. he hardly ever go out when he does its like for 2 min then his back in again.and most of the time he just sleep. his not like my other 3 cats their really active is it just coz his an old cat, his old but very helthy
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• Canada
26 Jan 07
Thats the way my youngest cat is he is only 4 months old I hop he grows out of it but I don`t think he will. I thought my cat was weird cause all cats love it outside
26 Jan 07
no urs only a baby his got a lot of growning up to do yet, just kitten how cute, he will snap out of it . but cat is very old now