Is forex real?

January 26, 2007 1:10am CST
have been hearing of forex trading from so many quarters,but I don't know how genuie and rewarding it is.and also i don't know to go about knowing how to trading in forex.pls do tell me what it's about and how to go about it.Can I really make money from it?
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@annihilus (2185)
• Italy
28 Jan 07
Sure it is real and it is the biggest trading market of the world closed only on sunday! It is a way to exchange values and it is not so simply. It very ridicoulus when I see many talking about Forex and talking about Pips and Marketiva! They are not Forex traders/brokers... they are simply hyip games! Forex is a very serious world. You cannot trade if you don't know the rules (the rules of this market not rules of brokers!). If you want to read something really serious, leave all referrals programs claiming to trade on Forex and learn something by this link: leave other to live into ignorance and remember that it is more easy to lose than earn by Forex. Serious Forex account cannot be opened with 1 dolalr or 100 dollar.. need thousands of dollars. Another thing: stay away from all the brokers accepting e-gold! It is an offshore value and it is impossible to prevent reciclyng (one of the many Forex rules is the rules anti-recycling of black money!). I have a real managed account and is the broker trading for me. Don't trade by yourself if you have not financial experience... Forex is not like Stock Exchange... it is more difficultous and dangerous!
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• Thailand
26 Jan 07
If you work hard you will make good money from FOREX, not like stock trading, forex can up-and-down very fast, for 1:100 you can earn more than $100 in one day start with $100 of fund, lern more at , and start with , come on and make money from FOREX
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• Lithuania
26 Jan 07
it depends how good are you in trading, because it is very profitable, i manage to triple my invested money within 2 months, off course the risk was very high too.
@NatureBoy (493)
• Singapore
28 Feb 07
Dear dejsmiles, Any thing in the world is good to make money from . . as long as you are good at it. I would advise you to go in and learn first, then decide whether you can be or want to be good at it. Its true that a lot of people become rich by trading. But they learn a skill and apply it. I can only say that the skills for forex trading can be used in similar environments like stock, futures and other derivative markets.