what's your favorite movie?

January 26, 2007 1:56am CST
This subject is always a topic whenever and wherever I am. In my conversation while having coffee with some of my friends, I always tell them that my favorite movie is 50 first dates/ Gosh!! Who wouldnt forget this kind of movie. This is very unique and awesome. Can you imagine that kind of situation? It takes a lot of courage, patience and understanding to do such sacrifice like that. Most importantly, I learned that You can really love the person unconditionally, no matter what, whatever may be life Mmay bring. I adore Drew Barrymore for being such a good actress in that movie.. The movie tells and let me realize that you could encounter such difficult situation but " Love can do the most possible things in this world" never give up, stay strong and believe that there is still tomorrow that is full of hopes and desires. So what's yours?
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