electrical wiring trunking

Saudi Arabia
October 8, 2006 5:26am CST
what is dado trunking for housing electrical wiring?
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@anandsaab (590)
• India
18 Oct 06
The Cicadomorpha is the infraorder of the Hemiptera which contains the cicadas, leafhoppers, treehoppers, and spittlebugs. Distributed worldwide, all members of this group are plant-feeders, and many produce either audible sounds or substrate vibrations as a form of communication. Electrical codes arose in the 1880's with the early commercial introduction of electrical power, since many conflicting standards existed for the selection of wire sizes and other design rules for electrical installations. Regulations may be set by local (city, provincial/state) legislation, perhaps by amendments to a model code produced by a technical standards-setting organization, or by a national standard electrical code. The intention of wiring safety codes is to provide technical, performance and material standards that will allow efficient distribution of electrical energy and communication signals, at the same time protecting persons in the building from electric shock and preventing fire or explosion. The first electrical codes in the United States originated in New York in 1881 to regulate installations of electric lighting. The U.S. National Fire Protection Association, a private nonprofit association formed by insurance companies, produced the first draft of the U.S. National Electrical Code in 1885. States,counties or cities often include the National Electrical Code in their local building codes by reference along with any local differences. Since 1927, the Canadian Standards Association has produced the Canadian Safety Standard for Electrical Installations, which is the basis for provincial electrical codes.