Difficult experience in baby care

January 26, 2007 3:30am CST
What is your most difficult experience in taking care of a baby? Right now, my baby being colicky is difficult already...but others say there are worse....care to share experiences?
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@tanya6 (333)
26 Jan 07
my son also suffered with colic it was at the time very hard but then as he got older i suddenly realised that was nothing he went through a stage of complete fear that i would abandon him and i used to have to take him everywhere with me even to the toilet and to shower even if my partner was home mummy would only do i had to do everything for him and my partner was beginning to feel very left out this lasted months and i finally decided that i had to do something so i started to distance myself from him when others were around i would tell him i was going to work he didnt like it to start but he soon ajusted then i started on his sleeping regime and this i found very hard i used controlled crying it was the worst time of my life but after only one week my son slept right through the night. he cant remember i am sure but the guilt i felt was overwhelming he is a little gem now but the road to get him here at this point was so hard all i can say to you is be prepared and be strong you will get there and your child will be better off with a little tough love i know it sounds bad but trust me all the things that follow this stage are so trying. teething = nightmare weening = much stress and concern night terrors = more stress tantrums = total frustration to name but a few. try not to worry though as you and your child will be fine these things happen to most babies and somehow we all get through it so just think positive and keep looking forward because believe it or not there is a light at the end of that big long tunnel.
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26 Jan 07
Yeah, they say teething is difficult too. Right now its the gassy thing that disturbs us. They say gripe water is effective. Have you tried it?