First impressions of FinalFantasy VIII

January 26, 2007 4:08am CST
The first time I played this game is that the game was confusing. There are alot more wordsin the menu than icons. And the draw system was quite hard to do. Even the weapons, were hard to upgrade due to the items that are hard to find. But finally when I get to know it's system, it was a good game after all, the graphics were much nicer than Final Fantasy VII and the ATB(Active time battle) system were clean, not much menu on the battle field. Aquireing magicks can be hard sometimes, but the easy way to aquire some high magicks is the draw it from a draw point or refine it to a certain item. The characters of the game were influential, like Cloud Strife from the previous series. The character designer Tetsuya Nomura makes it more charming and has an impact to the players. The summons were good, and helps the character build stats and abilities. Over all the game is good and the cinematic scenes were jawdropping and the games music is the best among the series I can say.
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@jombbi (105)
• India
31 Aug 09
well in the beginning even i was confused but later the ame was a breeze and addictive. u start it playing and u never know when it was night and when it's morning. u simply fell in love with this game. the character, missions, places, videos everything is superb since they got better graphics.