Being a couch potato can kill you.

January 26, 2007 7:03am CST
" I'm hard pressed for time.I can't think beyond my office work".This is what we hear often from the people who are not aware that sedentary life is more dangerous than all the known deadly diseases. It's more dangerous than smoking.It's wrong to think that the human body wears out with use and age.In fact, human body is designed to be used.It gets healthier with use,contrary to the belief that joints become weak with excess usage.Sadly in today's world lot of people just sit around viewing TV or holding the jobs that require them to sit behind the desk for more than 8 hours , engaging in virtually in no physical activity at all.Thus making themselves prone to ailments like Cancer,Heart disease,respiratory ailments,Diabetes to name a few--all related to lack of physical exercise. Your heart pumps blood even if you sit in a chair.But there is nothing to pump your lymph fluid other than your regular body movement.A mere 30 minute regimen of walking or swimming or jogging or other cardiovascular exercises can have an astonishing positive impetus on your health.
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• India
28 Jan 07
Many of us do not want to spend some time to charge our body by physical exercise;but they spend lot of time in things that brings nothing to them. People looks on their health only when it is deteriorated.