can what you know hurt you or not

@mikokre (132)
January 26, 2007 8:06am CST
Some people say that, what you dont know cant hurt you others say the direct opposite. What will you say?
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@amazehr (429)
• Philippines
26 Jan 07
if you don't know it won't hurt but when you know it it will really hurt a lot that is if the truth that has been in the hiding is really for you like for example your husband having an affair and the like that hurts right but if you don't have any knowlege about it it won't hurt yoou a bit.
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• United States
3 Mar 07
I think that if you don't know something then it won't hurt you at all. But if you find out something that is harmful or upsets you, then it does hurt you. Lets say your hubby cheated on you and never told you. Then you are not hurt by it, because you don't know anything about it. But if your hubby cheated on you and you found out from a friend of his, then it will be very hurtful. And you would be really upset and confussed and stressed out. Then all that turns into depressions.
@Boer84 (102)
• United States
26 Jan 07
I think what you know can hurt you. For instant, when a soldier is seriously wounded on the battlefield, but can still be saved, and the medic comes to treat him. It becomes a battle of will. If the soldier knows that the wound is very serious, he might give up all hope of living, but if the medic told him it was just a little flesh wound, the soldier is more likely to keep optimistic increasing his chances of living longer.