What are the things that you couldn't live without?

January 26, 2007 8:35am CST
Everyone hang on to something everyday. What are the few things you couldn't live without? besides human consumption such as water and oxygen.. duh. Such as the internet, mobile phones. Some of my friends are always on the phone 24/7 while some of my friend are internet addicts.. some even are games addicts. For me it would be my computer and the internet as it is the source of knowledge and it is a mean of me reaching out of the world from the dark room of mine.
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• Indonesia
26 Jan 07
I'm a gamer, so I really addicted with games. I go crazy if I don't play a game in a day, i feel like something is missing. Game is just my life. This days I'm also addicted to internet too, I go browsing like a crazy person. I know that to be addicted to something is not good, but I just can't stop it.
@victorwzj (539)
26 Jan 07
Mine would be computer and the internet too. To be honest the time that I spend in front of a computer is longer than any human a day . Maybe it is the nature of my course or just a ritual of mine. Whenever I am bored I will surf the net or playing online games but this lately I am attached to mylot.com . It is better spending time here comparing to being sucked into those online game. Here at least I am earning something and learning something new. I can also improved my typing speed per minute as well as my witting skill. It is like hitting several bird with one stone. (ok , bad example and sound impossible but you get the meaning) .
@Opteron (1845)
• Italy
26 Jan 07
I'm very addicted to all technology! I can't stay without my computer...or at least my cellular phone. I miss it so much when I go on vacation in my other home near sea! But i enjoy summer there. I miss internet too very much, so i connect to internet using a handeld pc and my cellular phone. This summer I chatted from the sea...only with my cellular phone through a java applet :-D