Do u beleive in Ghost... Do they Exist

October 8, 2006 7:34am CST
i think no
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• India
9 Oct 06
Yes I do belive in ghosts coz I have sen them in my neighboring areas .They are very scary ! I found them getting inside the earth surface without any way
@jayram (135)
• India
8 Oct 06
I say.........all these r utter foolishness On a blue moon night a person came up with a new character which is supported by some and opposed by the rest. They r imaginary idols........4 enhacing the effect of reading fairy tales or 4 making a movie.
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• New Zealand
6 Dec 06
i saw a ghost a few weeks back, we were in a cemetery late at night and we saw a figure drifting acroos the road, it wastnt to far from us either so if it ere a person we aould have caught up to them pretty easily. I'm a skeptic and I'm still trying to explain this one, so as far as I know it was a ghost.
• Janesville, Wisconsin
5 Dec 06
Yes, I definately believe, in ghosts, and spirits. And many other things that go bump in the night. I work with Spirits often. Had tons of them in my parents house yesterday. They were all following my Dad around. My Dad turned 60, so they were telling him happy birthday :) - DNatureofDTrain