Does anyone know how to make a video game???

January 26, 2007 10:48am CST
ok.. i have an AWESOME idea for a video game. i have everything planned out as to how it will all work. but it seems all the kids that are signing up for video game classes in college arnt posting anything about how to make em. i wud be. my idea is so complex tho and i wud need a skilled progammer i think. i want it to be a java game and run it like habbo hotel meets WoW meets the Sims. if anyone thinks they can help please post here. if u have msn and wanna chat that is better to. im willing to invest in this project but ur investment wud be to build the game with me. and in the end we equally own the game together. becuz i cant make it on my own. If you are recently outta school for game design this wud be a really good opertunity for you. thanks wallace parker
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