pakistan is a real terrorist country

January 26, 2007 1:54pm CST
pakistan is a real terrorst country they forcefully occupied our mother land BALOCHISTAN in 1948 since then they killing us a thousands of Baloch people have been killed by pakistani army, but media is totally undercontroled by govt of pakistan we (BALOCH) have been fighting for freedom of BALOCHISTAN which occopied by Pakistan.... we want to awear the world through different resources pakistan has banned our websites in pakistan and international community is quite silence they should force pakistan to stop Genecide of baloch nation i know you people dont know anything about our probleme you guys can visite our websites,,
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@kavita23 (2996)
• India
26 Jan 07
I am from india, but i think not pakistan only few muslim r terrorist.I india a few line r most using. " all muslim r not terrorist but all terrorist r muslim" would u explian why?
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• Pakistan
26 Jan 07
NO im not talking about muslims im a muslim too but im talking about pakistan ok i will explain actually what i want to say ..i live in Balochistan, balochistan was a independent state before 1948 but in march 27th 1948 pakistan forcefully occupied balochistan since then we are fighing for freedom of balochistan from pakistan, we are BALOCHS baloch is our nation pakistani army killing innocent baloch, you can visit our site watch the video thousands of baloch people have been killed. balochistan providing 65 percent gas to pakistan but still we are poor they dont give us our rights they treat us as slive ... we are fighting for liberation from pakistan hope u got me now