ps3 or xbox 360

October 8, 2006 9:07am CST
which console do you think will be superior? one of them is out in stores now while the other may be in the drawing board. what will the be the outcome of the console wars ,the biggest MNC war since the cola wars?
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@nykid29 (713)
• United States
9 Dec 06
Sony said that the PS3 was going to be a generational leap, but it doesnt seem like that to me. Look at the graphics compared to the Xbox 360, its basically the same thing. The SIXAXIS controller bugs out on its own, plus you have to keep plugin it in to the system and take it out to use the wireless feature every time you turn it on. Plus it has 8 freaking CPU's but it cannot multitask, not even custom tracks. The Wii seemd really fun, but you need money inorder to actually have fun with it. The batteries only last 20 hours max. The classic controller connects to the Wii-mote and contribute to the battery power life. The graphics arent that much big, but u can expect that from Nintendo. They could have atleast made it a little more detailed, only a handfull of games look clean. Most of the games are inresponsive to the wii-mote and that makes the game boring. There is no online multiplayer and wont be any for quite sum time. The 360 has been out for a year now and i've seen tons of games that are good for it. personally I would get that if you do not own it already. The controller is better, the graphics are clean, the frame rate is generally good for most games, good backwards compatibility, the best online multiplayer availible, and what more can I say. The Xbox 360 has my vote.
@diju03 (535)
19 Oct 06
ps3. cell processor rocks.
@tickedoff (672)
• United States
10 Oct 06
PS3 is going to rock the socks off XBOX, It is going to be out soon and I can't wait. I'm a gamer from back in the 70's when atari was new. I dig the play station, just wait until PS9 comes out in years to come, it's going to be virtual reality game!!! I still have my original atari, I still have the sega genesis.
@diju03 (535)
9 Oct 06
ps3 ofcourse from what i have heard. but one cant really be sure, i mean after all xbox is a good console and sony still hasnt released their machine.
@istanto (8565)
• Indonesia
8 Oct 06
PS3 is great ! i love it
• India
8 Oct 06
ps3 has not been released and i haven,t tried xbox360!so i am helpless!but i responded due to my interest in these matters!