Soul mates

January 26, 2007 2:26pm CST
does it exist?? or are that kind off people a coinsidence?? does averyone have a soul mate??
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• Melbourne, Florida
26 Jan 07
SoulMates - You have many soul mates.
The entire reason for most relationships are so that you can work on your spiritual self and your karma! Most relationships on Earth are ego relationships based on old relating patterns, fears and superficial judgments. The ego always creates separation and represents what we are healing here on Earth. Soul Mates are other souls that have agreed to connect with you on this planet for a purpose. These are family members and friends, as well as others that come and go through your life. In some cases it is to clear up karma, in other cases it is to finish unfinished business, and for some it is to accomplish a particular goal together. These relationships may be a joy to be in or these relationships may be a pain in your life. Either way they are here for a reason. When Soul Mates first meet they sometimes feel as if they already know each other. They may feel very familiar to each other. Occasionally when you meet someone, you will have an immediate hatred for them, for what seems no apparent reason. This is an indication that you have some negative Karma from past experience with this person. You don’t have to try to figure out what it is, just send loving energy to them, then God will do the work form there. But be prepared, for you might have done some nasty things that will come back to you. Soul Mate relationships may last a lifetime and others may only be for a particular purpose and be temporary. You will have many Soul Mates in your lifetime. Twin Flames are very different and very rare. Twin Flames are two people in two separate bodies that share the same Soul. Twin Flames are separated from each other in their first incarnation. Each incarnation apart from our twin flame was spent either creating negative karma or balancing some of the karma that stood in the way of our reunion. At times we assumed various relationships with our twin flame—husband/wife, mother/son, father/daughter, and sister/brother—in order to unwind the negative strands of energy we had woven into our subconscious through our misuse of free will. If Twin Flames meet before they are ready they can amplify each others negative Karma and not be at all compatible. This leads to terrible tragedies. When Twin Flames meet and are ready for each other, it is the most enjoyable experience possible on Earth. Twin Flames are almost identical. They truly compliment each other and it is a hardship for them to be apart. They also have a very strong bond and often have telepathy with each other. The Twin Flame heart is so powerful that a couple has no choice but to live in the heart and not the ego. Being two halves of the same heart, when you look at your Twin Flame you see yourself. Again, meeting your Twin Flame is very rare on this planet. Usually one will be born into the world while the other is in spirit, acting as a guardian angel for the one experiencing life. But, Your Twin Flame is with you ALWAYS- everything you experience you share together with your Twin Flame. It is impossible not to. As you touch a flower, as you watch the moon, as you feel that breeze upon your cheek, you share it with your own Twin Flame. So, all relationships serve a purpose and should be honored and appreciated for what they have to offer you in your personal spiritual growth. Thank each person for the experiences and for allowing you the opportunity to learn and clear. Know that ALL relationships are sacred, because they bring us closer to the Light of All That Is.