Why Computers sometimes crash?

January 26, 2007 2:45pm CST
Different errors like human.
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• India
4 Feb 07
because it is their right to crash..
• Bangladesh
3 Feb 07
May be your computer got very little ram.In lack of memory you can face a crash.Also try to scan your pc for spyware or virus.Because these days many new type of spyware causing crash to pc.
• Romania
26 Jan 07
Computers were made pretty recently...so these computers are still imperfect. It's very probable that after a few years, deppending on the system you have your computer will crash. Its practically in the nature of pc itself. Also, I want to say that the most recent cause of crash are viruses. There are so many "species" of viruses these days that you can not avoid a crash...
@oly2006 (947)
• Romania
26 Jan 07
depends what kind of "crashes" do you mean... it depends..can be viruses[like humans] , spywares ,etc... this is the explorer platform..if you mean the compnents..hmm :-? it's hard..I mean a computer board ussually never crashes...