New Heroes fan, am I the only one confused?

United States
January 26, 2007 3:53pm CST
I am a new Heroes fan here. I get so confused sometimes about exactly what is going on and who is the good guy and bad guy. Is the 1st season available on DVD yet? That's what I need to do is sit down and watch it from beginning to end so I can clear this up. My husband and I will watch and try to figure out between us what is going on. Sometimes we have to miss an episode here and there b/c of work or whatever. Maybe we should invest in something that will record while we are away.
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• India
29 Jan 07
this is the first season in the states every show goes on a little break around December and they start up again nbc has streaming videos but you can also go to and search for heroes and watch all the episodes up till now streaming they are good quality and full episodes and fast episodes completed up till now is 12 and today 13 will air basically every monday nbc airs one new episode and dont skip an episode as this is the first season and you need to watch everything because if you miss one you get confused and also miss a lot of information as everything has something new happening
• United States
5 Feb 07
Thank you for the information. My hubby is not one to sit in front of the computer screen for that long, so he said we'll just wait until it does come out on dvd, or if they start the series over while in hiatus or something.
• Canada
27 Jan 07
As the previous posters mentioned, the first season of Heroes has not finished yet. They are only about a half way through the first season, with the next new episode airing... next week, I think? So don't look for the DVDs just yet. But perhaps you can catch up on the first 12 shows in reruns, or perhaps downloading the episodes and watching them on your computer, if a) you have a high-speed Internet connection, and b) your computer is good enough to run such files. It's a great show, so even if you have to wait to rent/buy the DVDs, it will be worth waiting for! BB, Wyrdsister
• United States
29 Jan 07
Yes, I can't wait for them to come out on dvd so I can watch the shows in order and get caught up. I still watch anyway, it's a great show. Thanks for commenting.