Slam dunk TV series

@Beowulf (552)
January 26, 2007 5:25pm CST
In Japan, this series inspired lots of people and in some parts of the world especially young adults were talking about this series. The series is about a young man who loves to fight, in other words a juvenile kid. With his friends, they fight students from other schools and he belittle Basketball games. He think that this is played by sissy boys. He was challenged by the captain of their School varsity team, to make the long story short he beat the captain. Every students watching the game were shocked that he dunked over the captain and at that time he felt good. This incident gave him the driving force in his life, he found his passion in playing basketball. Try to watch this series and you will be amazed on how a transformation happens. What sport or sports are you playing, do you love playing games or you enjoy playing them?
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