What's your favourite "Placebo"?

January 26, 2007 6:22pm CST
my fav Placebo is Brian Molko
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26 Mar 07
That's because Brian is The Sexiest. I went to see them live in Glasgow. It was absolutely fantastic. He was dressed as a school girl, in a skirt, tie, shirt, boots etc. He looked so lovely; even though he was bald as an egg.
• United States
24 Feb 07
I am a huge fan of Brian, I mean, he's Brian Molko, how could you not be a fan? But I love all 3 of them for various reasons. Brian - He's just so sexy, out there, not afraid of speaking his mind. Stef - He's so quiet, shy, and just lovable! And Steve - He's the "man's man" as Brian stated, just seems like someone you could just hang out with for hours.
• Belgium
12 Feb 07
He's kinda of the image of the band offcourse, but I think the drummer and base are also fantastic artists. It's a band, you know, they wouldn't make this if it wasn't the whole band.