Do you know a "Flanders" family?

United States
January 26, 2007 10:32pm CST
I had a neighbor like that when I was growing up, except the father wasn't all that nice when he got mad. They were so close-acting to the Flanders in other ways that it was funny! How 'bout you, did you know a family like that?
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@hinocki (670)
• Italy
15 Feb 07
Yes. I knew them in a camping. I was in that camping just becouse last summer I had not so much money to pay an hotel. They, instead, went to the camping just to remain in the camping. Good family. Prayies before food. Smile ever stamped on their faces. Ever gentle... ... i can't sopport those people...
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• United States
16 Feb 07
I am a Christian and I don't mind things like praying. But, that ever smiling face is creepy. The family I know weren't always like that, they even got mad at times. But, they were so silly when it came to TV shows and certain words. And they always acted like they were soooo holy. One of them told me that I couldn't even say "sheesh" or "gee" because that was short for "Jesus" and would be using His name in vain. Or, even saying "Wow!" was wrong because you're not supposed to make any kind of exclaimation. It was sorta like using cuss-words to them.