Not Hardest Game.....Hardest Boss!,In any game series

@atul_asv (523)
January 27, 2007 2:01am CST
So what are your hardest bosses? To me, it JUST HAVE TO BE FFX International Version-Penance. To unlock him was Very Hard, but to beat him it would take almost 50 hours maybe-_- he is just too strong and if u are uber FFX player like me, you would know the feeling of reaching 255 for all stats[except luck]and beating the crap out of any boss in the game, except for Dark Aeons and Penance Penance is too hard!!Anybody beaten him?? To unlock him you must-Beat all dark aeons, and select Penance from the airship.
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• India
27 Jan 07
for me its.. kil'jaeden- the last level of warcraft 3.
@SirPyan (430)
• Malaysia
27 Jan 07
Personally, some of the hardest bosses to beat are: 1. Indalecio with his limiter removed (Star Ocean the 2nd Story) - He hovers across the battlefield in lightning speed, not even Bunny Shoes can match him. The ability to cast deadly magic immediately while moving. Unless you use the Bloody Armor tactic (which is too cheap for me), beating him would be very hard, unless you know one particular tactic on setting certain equipments, certain characters, skills and stats, Indalecia would be piece of cake. 2. Cress Albain & Arche (Tales of Eternia/PS Tales of Destiny 2) - Beating Cress alone in Normal Mode is troublesome, beating him alone in Hard Mode is a headache, now try beating him in Hardcore Mode. Cress is back, and he's not alone. Arche is with him, and while Cress pummels you with his move, Arche is flying around with her broom, cast fatal magic on you, and you can't even target her normally. 3. Most bosses in Breath of Fire V: Dragon Quarter - It's not the bosses, the whole game itself is hard. It is almost impossible to beat it in the first try.