anyone here hate mawi......???

January 27, 2007 3:15am CST
he cant he become the artist...??? i was really surprise when the Malaysian vote and give him a win of akademi fanstasia 3.....i wonder why the malaysian can give him win because he totally cant sing.....if he compare with other singer like kefli..he cant win... so anyone here not satisfy...??plz give your comment here.....
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• Malaysia
1 Feb 07
i'm not either like or hate him. how can u judge that he can not sing? are u from music background? knowing all about pitching, high note, lower note and other music stuff? well i'm not from music background but i do feel that he can sing and got nice tone..
• Malaysia
2 Feb 07
im the music background...of course i can jugde him..WHAT...!!!you say nice tone...???? watever... but for me he totally cant sing....just stay at home...