which one is better to make pizza at home or to buy it from the market...?

January 27, 2007 3:15am CST
and why...?
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• United States
27 Jan 07
I think it is a matter of taste. Pizza at home tastes quite different from pizza that is delivered. Sometimes I want pizza made from scratch and sometimes I want pizza made by someone else. The only problem with ordered pizza is that they tend to be a little pricy.
@danieldf (216)
• France
27 Jan 07
If you can make a real italian pizza you will see the difference lol
@milott (2648)
• India
27 Jan 07
I feel that buying from the shop or restaurant rather than trying it out at home, this is my opinion. Because once we tried to make pizza at home and brought all the stuffs needed to make it and started doing pizza for nearly three hours and finally somewhat made it and when tasted it, it did not come anywhere close to what you normally eat at restaurants. So, from that day onwards, we eat pizza brought from the restaurants such as pizza hut, dominos, pizza corner, american pizza, etc.
@tellus (1443)
• Finland
27 Jan 07
i always make pizza myself. it tastes much better.