What do you want to hear when you turn on the radio?

music - Along with pop music and boy bands, alternative and rock music has , essentially gone to the pits. There's truly no other way to put it. The media has been spoonfeeding us talentless garbage and sell out's for years but it is only now manifesting it's intensity on MTV and the radio.
@cheerldr (594)
January 27, 2007 4:20am CST
Its 5 pm and you just got home from school. You turn on the radio and all you heard was some screaming and shouting, and lame beats. I think the music today is just a bunch of garbage. Sure, some bands make great music to dance to, but it is so senseless. Music has turned to crap and it needs to be changed. You may not agree with what I am writing but at least i am getting you to think.
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@shobasvk (788)
• Malaysia
29 Jan 07
I love to hear that melodies and sentimental song which can make me cool and calm down myself after having such hectic day outside.I most probably love to listen to tamil 80's song.I think oldist is the best since the songs are meningful.
@steerpyke (396)
28 Jan 07
totally agree, but then the music that does it for me has never been the sort of thing that makes the charts and thus not on radio.