how do you interpret dreams?

dreams - How to interpret dreams?
January 27, 2007 8:38am CST
I had a dream last night.Its about a butterfly that stayed at me where ever I go. It is color brown and its bigger like my palm. Its impossible to be huge like that. When I woke up I kept wondering..I asked my parent why does the brown butterfly means to me...(That day LBC came to our house and my cousin gave me money for my birthday this coming february. I was surprised and happy for my unexpected gift.)My Parent answered me, thats great it means you can have have more money this day!.. and thats my dreams all about.. Isnt it nice? what about you do you have interpreted dreams? tell me your story.
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@amit_t (55)
• India
27 Jan 07
i think dreams are still amystery when people say it has something to do with our future. this thinking has always amused me but interestingly listen what people have too say dreams relation with your future like ur dream of butterfly denoting money. funny part is that if people say something good will happen i listen to them and feel happy but if they say something negative then i ignore them and people. what i personally feel is that dreams represent our past i.e. the thouhghts that get registered in our subconscious mind may come in our dream. sigmung freud has beautifully written about this in his book dreams. if possible please go through that.
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• Philippines
28 Jan 07
I agree that negative dreams should ignore! Because if we never stop thinking it the whole day, they might have a chance to happen.. thanks for sharing me the book that you have read, ill try to read it because recently i had dreams that bothering me..
• United States
27 Jan 07
My dreams often seem so strange, but then I forget them too quickly after waking up. I once had a dream book that gave me alot of information -- maybe you can go on line to find out more about your dreams.
• Philippines
28 Jan 07
well thanks for sharing! i'll go and try the book!