January 27, 2007 10:27am CST
omg i can't believe im the only person on this site that does poi!!! you people must all be mad!!!! ok because no one does it i'll explain... its a circus skill in short, you swing two weights on the end of ropes and effectivly twirl them around your body and in the air. they can be set on fire to do fire poi (best in the dark) orther people use glow or LED poi. anywho...i love poi its alot of fun! you can do it anywhere that there is space. i go to annual festivals and here there are many people who do this, it's a good place to pick up tips and new tricks!
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• Australia
9 Feb 07
I am person number 2!!! Let's be friends?
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@owstalaga (4576)
• Philippines
17 Jul 11
wow, indeed there are few people who does poi i guess? Well i once thought of learning poi but i didn't push through with it because of my budget... and wouldn't it make your arms muscular???
• Philippines
18 Oct 07
I love to poi.. although I just started few months ago. So no fires and led yet, but maybe when i'm already good at it, I'll those.
@phreak (23)
5 Sep 07
Annnd 4, tis a lot of fun. Anyone into fire breathing at all?
@krusty1 (68)
21 Feb 07
person numbe three! lol i havent been doin it for long and i havent learnt anything new lately as its been too cold and windy for my liking! how long have you been doin it?