Diets? Ways of Eating? Most Successful?

@LovingIt (5398)
United States
October 8, 2006 6:21pm CST
What Diet or Way of Eating has brought you the most success? Which has caused you the most weightloss and kept the pounds off in the long run? Was it hard to stick to?
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@miajane (361)
• United States
16 Nov 06
the best way to lose weight is to complement what you eat with how much you exercise. try to limit your caloric intake. limit saturated fats and increase protiens and some carbs. however much you eat, exercise off at least 10-25% of the cals you ingest.
@LovingIt (5398)
• United States
17 Nov 06
So far eating high proteins and good fats, whole grains, and lots of raw veggies has been my most succesful way of losing. Exercise helps tone me up, but really hasn't helped me lose at all. Watching calories doesn't seem to help me either, but I have a strange metabolism.
@kautilya (23)
• India
9 Oct 06
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@LovingIt (5398)
• United States
10 Oct 06
Thanks for your response, but you didn't really answer my question. Have you lost weight? If so which plan has been most successful for you?