What do you do when u r frustrated

Frustration - how does it feel
January 27, 2007 12:06pm CST
Hello pals Being Frustrated is another frustration.when do u fell like this?What do u do to get over it. Plz send ur replies.I need them urgently
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@Eisenherz (2912)
• Portugal
27 Jan 07
When I am frustrated I try to beat up the person who's got me frustrated on the first place, but that only happens in very extreme cases. Most of the time, I'm really calm and try to make things clear by using dialogue with that other person.
• Pakistan
29 Jan 07
Yeah , I agree with your point , but I don't use dialogues for a clear-cut solution .
• Philippines
27 Jan 07
i eat foods that i crave like spaghetti and chocolates..
• Pakistan
27 Jan 07
Lol! A good thing
• Pakistan
6 Feb 07
I egt frustrated when I am forced to do something or to study and also when I go to attend my tution classes I dont wanna study b'coz I want to stay cool and to get over frustration I try to get off with my friends to chillout
4 Feb 07
I'm not as bad as some people i can mention but i won't. It does depend but honestly sometimes i become slightly grumpy and get a little mean with those around me. i always say i'm sorry for this because it isn't there fault and it's important for me that they know i didn't mean it. Kudos! ~Joey
@amitksing (1324)
• India
29 Jan 07
Think of anything good.. Anything, it may be good moments you spent with anybody, any good movie you watched, any good song or anything good! Drink a glass of water, close your eyes and take some rest.
@kritipen (4085)
• United States
27 Jan 07
When I am very frustrated I do one of the following. 1. Listen good soothing music. That calms my nerves. 2. Go for a long walk.