Who's your Superbowl XLI pick?

January 27, 2007 1:09pm CST
As I write this, the Superbowl is just 8 days and 4 hours from kickoff. Are you betting on the Chicago Bears or the Indianapolis Colts? At the beginning of the season, I would never have picked the Colts to get to the Superbolw. My reason was that the Colts' D was too small to be effective. But they proved to be a big factor even in the Patriots game. The Patriot D was worn out in the second half and part of the reason was the Colt D being able to stop the Pats' offence. I think the Bears' D will be well rested and we're in for a low scoring, close game. Not nearly as exciting as the AFC championship game. I'm hoping Manning pulls it out in dramatic fashion, but realistically, I think the Bears will take it. Bears 19, Colts 13 The difference will be turnovers, with Manning getting picked off at least twice.
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