Does anyone know when the new season starts?

United States
January 27, 2007 1:44pm CST
I know the 4th season wasnt the end of it, was it? It cant be. I love this show soo much. My husband got me hooked on it. But i looked on HBO website and i dont see it on schedule to start a new season. Whats up with that? Does it start next year or something? I am getting antsy waiting and no one seems to know when its coming out? Your thoughts...
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@all_n_one (2005)
• United States
29 Jan 07
I was wondering this myself also they might do it like the last season of the sopranos. I think it took almost 2 years for the sopranos last season to be shown. HBO always has a messed up schedule because there not a tv show type based channel so things take a long time. It should be shown this year though hopefully we don't have to wait until 2008 :( .
• United States
29 Jan 07
I hope not, i dont think i could wait that long. But i guess until then i can buy the dvds and start all over...
@LikuiD (27)
• Egypt
27 Jan 07
I don't think they have announced yet on when will they start airing the 5th season But one thing I'm sure HBO said was that the 5th season was going to be the last The 5th and last season is going to be 13 episodes I can't wait for it too..:) Such a great TV show !
• United States
28 Jan 07
Noooo! The last season? Im so sad now. But isnt it about the time for it to come on?
@seewhy (231)
• Australia
13 Jul 07
I've also heard that the 5th season will be the last. I read it in an interview that was posted online somewhere. Apparently the creator(s) say that they've run out of themes? I hope this isn't true as I absolutely adore this show. It's so addictive!
@RocLite (131)
• United States
4 Jul 07
I haven't seen anything official but early 2008 is what I've heard.
• United States
30 Jun 07
Idk when its coming back on but i know that they are filming it right now in Baltimore. i went there last week and i saw Namond and everythin omg he's so cute
• United States
14 Jun 07
The 4th season wasn't the last its too hot of a series to let it go so soon. After all something has to happen to Marlo. I guess we'll see come September or October.
• United States
2 Feb 07
I heard that the new season will probably be out the end of this year or the beginning of next year. If I'm correct, they didn't even start filming yet.