if the future looks bleak

January 27, 2007 1:46pm CST
Yes, education is vital of all resources. but seeing people in my country the Philippines made me often wonder, is education is only for rich people? It looks like the future is not that bright for everybody knowing the fact that in order for you to have a quality education you have to have lot of money, which is unfair for people below the poverty line. Tuition fees especially in college is high that made it impossible for some people to persue education no matter how much they want to. Plus, tuition fees increases almost every school year. The government is not that interested to give what the student needs especially the poor children in public schools. I just don't get the point why our government don't focus on this matter, we all know that the future of a certain country relies on the hands of the youth, if they don't give everyone a fair chance to have a better education they just simply don't give everyone a fair chance to have a better future. If you are faced in a situation like this where you think the future looks bleak. What do you think is the best way to do?
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• Singapore
29 Jan 07
All our children in Singapore is schooled minimum from Pr 1 up to, I think, Pr 6. There are many social welfare agencies and other NGOs that are able to fund the child, if the parents cannot afford it, at least for a period of time. Some bright but poor ones have scholarships, or bursaries. Education is primary to any country's future health. You need encouragement to get support from people, talk to them, get them to feel it's the government's job to make it possible for all children an education up to a maximum level. Get people talking, including the ones who already are in schools, esp those taking social work, sociology, etc, econonmics, in University to begin to think about writing papers that will help toward reducing poverty and increase future wealth by investing in children's education! It takes only a spark to get a fire going... Christians sing this song, I'm sure you're Catholic and you're familiar with this too. Go for it, sayuri!!
• Japan
29 Jan 07
Yes, you are definitely right. I think some people that can't afford to go to school is not that aware of the government programs in our country. I mean they are not informed enough about the scholarships and stuffs like that and in that reason they feel hopeless and helpless and just forget the idea of going into schools. yeah,you are right,maybe i should join an organization that helps informing people about how important education is and how can they go to school thru the help of government scholarships. Thankz for the response it really help alot and i appreciate it. have a nice day.
@Zaphenath (102)
• Philippines
20 Apr 07
I believe that education is very important especially for us in the Philippines. We regard education as a treasure which we can give to our children. Do not lose hope, our government is doing something about it. They are giving a lot of scholarships to the deserving individuals who cannot afford. The also have a program called study now pay later program. Non governmental organizations also participate help to gain funding to assist our brothers and sisters. Its a fact that the price of education is getting higher but the quality is otherwise. Its is something we don't have control over and we do not decide what the government should do. I know its not enough effort coming from the government but we shouldn't rely on them because we will only be frustrated. We should focus on things outside the government. Lets look at the bright side, we still produce a number of good student despite our education system.