Are americans hated thoughout the world?are they?why? or is it a popular thought

United States
January 27, 2007 4:34pm CST
I've traveled to many countries and well there are two kind of people those who judge and automatically don't like me because im american even worst because im a U.S. G.I., and those who don't care and just want to make friends and teach me about their culture or just party. now i've met some of the most amazing people throughout my travels and im proud to be their friends. But man i've met some a--holes out there too, the only reason for that was because im american. now i believe ignorance comes from both sides....i heard every thing from " oh the only reason they hate us is because they are jealous" to "Americans are just stupid fat ignorant people" all of which i think is just retarded. all i have to say have fun arguing over nothing while i go have beer with my friends take care. i want to hear what people have to say if you get offend easy don't get into this discussion im NOT HERE to start an fight only a discussion to learn. if you got something offensive to say ...say it... your just ingorant. whatever you think whether it be political or personal say it. its impossible to offend me.
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@tigrashadow (1086)
• Australia
27 Jan 07
i personally have lots of american friends online and have no issue with americans but i know that some of my friends dislike them. one has had a couple of bad experiences with americans being self-centred and i guess sometimes america comes off as thinking they are the best country in the world and have no interest or knowledge in other countries. i know this is not always true and it depends on the individuals you meet. its like, i guess, when mum and i went to paris years ago and she was told that they were very arrogant people but when we went we had met the nicest people and one guy even missed his bus trying to explain to us how to get somewhere when he didnt speak english and we didnt speak french. so i guess it is the experiences you have with people from a certain country that shapes how we feel about the people in the country or the country itself...which i know is wrong but its human nature i think. i wish you safety and happiness