Where is the strangest place you have ever slept/woken up?

Waking up from a flying dream, wake up flying - This is my friend Alex, who was having an out-of-body experience and loving astral projection, when he accidentally woke up!!! But rather than wake up in his body, his body materialised where his mind was - down at the beach where I was fishing for Salmon. Luckily I had my camera and noticed him dropping out of the sky and got this photo!!!
January 27, 2007 10:34pm CST
I woke up standing on my best friends doorstep when I was about ten years old. Once I went to sleep on a bench in Heathrow airport and woke up with this woman massaging my feet. I would love to hear your stories!!!
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@MrNiceGuy (4147)
• United States
28 Jan 07
The weirdest place I woke up was in my bed but upside down. I have no idea how that happens, but it has happened to me a half dozen times. I assume you have to get up and get back in the wrong way, but that raises a whole bunch of new questions.
• Australia
3 Feb 07
were you playing football in your sleep? lol