Live up to what age??

United States
January 27, 2007 11:16pm CST
Well of course a lot of us would want and always pray for safety and longer life. But up to what age would you want to live? 70? 80? or 100? or even older? Cause I know some people who says they if they live up to 70 or 80 they would be happy and wouldn't wanna live that long either where the gravity starts to pull you down. How about you? Til what age would you want to live?
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@shalwani (760)
• Pakistan
30 Jan 07
What ever age it may be.. the only thing is i should not be dependent or sick .I should just get over with it without being dependent on anyone....
• Indonesia
29 Jan 07
Interesting question u have here...uhm, maybe 75 years old is more than enough for me coz i'm wondering that time maybe i no longer can do activities that i like and possibly many friends i got has passed away [forgive me guys] so maybe i can only play with my grand children. And im kinda scared, u know, coz there are 2 palm-readers told me that i'll have a long age..whooaa i was almost falling off my chair when I heard that..freak out
@tigerdragon (4297)
• Philippines
29 Jan 07
i just have this answer 6 years ago when i had my paradigm shift. i told myself until 70 years of age. as i count back til now, i only have 23 years to live my life full. so that means i only have a very short time to enjoy and experience my life. too short to whine ,complaint , and be fed up with petty things such us finaces. no more time to be depressed ,be angry, frustrated and all the negative aspects of life. s , i decided to let things be with no great expectations and instead of conntrolling my life in accordance to the ways of the world , i have learned that it should be manged and not controlled
• Philippines
28 Jan 07
100years of healthy living, but as long as hubby is with me & my child..
@rhie0216 (289)
• Philippines
28 Jan 07
i want to live at the age when i know that I have already accomplished everything that i wanted in my life. there is no turning back once you get old there are some things that you can no longer do. so while your young it is better to do everything that you wanted so that you would not be disappointed in the future.
@SignMe (1031)
• India
28 Jan 07
60yrs healthy & happy life, thats what I wish for !!!