January 28, 2007 1:14am CST
Happiness is so elusive,when u begin ur life u crave for so many things ,u crave n long for so many things, we crave for our own house ,our car,huge bank bal,etc,etc.....We r nt happy because we lack these materialistic pleasures.But finally when we receive all these things, that we crave for, r we really happy???? We get so busy to acquire materialistic pleasure we somewhere lose our inner happiness..I have seen many times people complaining that they were more happy when they were less rich...Should we b happy with whatever we have,is it difficult?? Is it wrong to b ambitious??? Are u being selfish when u fulfill ur ambition??? Isnt it my life n i should lead it in the way I want??? We get life once shouldnt we satisfy all r dreams n desires????
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