Do you feel guilty when you're eating chocolate?

United States
January 28, 2007 4:34am CST
I don't and I can eat up a whole bar without feeling guilt. It just tastes too good to feel bad about it. What is your opinion?
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@victorwzj (539)
28 Jan 07
Why? chocolate do taste good and i like chocolate too. I don't understand why you say you feel guilty eating chocolate. are you feel guilty because you didn't share it with your friends or families? If that the case I do feel the same way. If you say that you feel guilty because of you eat too much then I do not have the same feeling. People need to have self control of what eat and I know that sometimes people do carves for food but it is important to keep health life style. you need to have self rules you cannot keep the health life style. say for example you eat a chocolate then you need to jog for 10 round in the field . To be honest I don't quite get your question and I hope this do answer your question or at least give you some perspective.
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@cuddleme01 (2727)
• Philippines
28 Jan 07
i looove chocolates. am a chocoholic.i dont feel guilty eating a bar of chocolate. its sooo delicious. of course i try to control myself otherwise ill end up having diabetes.
@camille101 (1027)
• United Arab Emirates
28 Jan 07
I love chocolate a lot, especially with nuts all over. But oddly I do feel guilty after munching half a bar. Though normally I couldn't get through it in one sitting, still I feel that it wouldn't be healthy for me. Since I'm really conscious about maintaining my figure. I, too couldn't understand why I have to feel guilty after eating some choco goodies.