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January 28, 2007 5:42am CST
I get very much frustrated to find that discussions I have just started was actually discussed sometimes few weeks ago or atmost few months ago. Today I started a topic on electric shock which has already been discussed in myLot. I was astonished to see the same subject line and almost same description in all the three cases. It is really very frustrating. I think most of us are facing this problem. I know it would have been better if I could make a forum search before starting a new discussion, but, then I just feel lathergic to do that also. So, I would like to suggest myLot Admin to add some utility to check whether the topic has already been discussed in myLot after writing the subject line.
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@mvsrao (4367)
• India
28 Jan 07
we have search feature on this Mylot site . Mylot recommends to use this search feature before starting a new discussion . This search system is available at the top left of each and every page . if we type shock on this search box , and select Mylot & use it then we get a list of discussions having the tag word shock . Thru this search list , we can find if our topic had been discussed before .
• India
28 Jan 07
Thanks for this information. I'm aware. But what I mean is a took like the "Check Availiblity" link we see while registering for new Email ID. Let me write my subject line, and, then the option to check for related discussions already took place. This will not come in the way of my free writing. Hope you have got my point.
@superbren (856)
1 Feb 07
this is a difficult one . a lot of the discussions have been posted already but maybe in diffeent wording . theres not a lot we can do about it nexcept rack our brains for new topics.