Got a secret? Share it with the whole world

January 28, 2007 5:58am CST
I just started a blog called "The Secrets Club" Basically what I had in mind is collect secrets around the world. Do you have a secret you been keeping for a long time a confession, something been troubling you, been bottling up for years? Share it with us and we share it with the world. I already started with some friends but I'm not going to reveal who are they. It's a secret! The Secret Club: Submit your secrets: I personally have a secret I've been keeping myself for 3 years. But I ain't gonna tell you here. Hah. Do you have one? Share with us!
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• Italy
28 Jan 07
Really good Idea! But if I post my secret these is not a secret because allthe world can read it.! . Therefore if I can suggest you, don't make it like a blog, but like a community. Thanks very much for posting here on and thanks for sign-up here.
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• Singapore
28 Jan 07
Hi, the thing is you don't post your personal particular there. Whatever secret you post there, the world won't know you are except: 1. Your gender 2. Age group 3. Your Secrets! Unless you tell me your myLot username, then I'll know it's your secret. Haha..
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• Pakistan
28 Jan 07
she loves him...but he loves someone else....
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@navaneeth (132)
• India
4 Feb 07
i got a secret. i ran off to thailan with a girl 2 years ago, after she got there she got into the local profession and i came back.