What will man be like in the future----in 5,000or50,000 years from now?

January 28, 2007 6:10am CST
We can only make a guess,of course,but we can be sure that he will be different from what he is today.For man is slowly changing all the time. Let us take an obvious example. Man,even five hundred years ago,was shorter than he is today. Now,on average,men are about three inches taller. Five hundred years is a relatively short period of time,so we may be sure that men will continue to grow taller. Again,in the modern world we use our brains a great deal. Even so,we still make use of only about 20% of brain's capacity. As time goes on,however,we shall have to use our brains more and more---and eventually we shall need larger ones. This is likely to bring about a physical change too; the head,in particular the forehead,will grow larger. Nowadays our eyes are in constant use. In fact,wei use them so much that very often they become weaker and we have to wear glasses. But over a very long period of time it is likely that man's eyes will grow stronger. O the other hand, we tend to make less use of our arms and legs. These, as a result, are likely to grow weaker. At the same time, however, our fingers will grow more sensitive because they are used a great deal in modern life. But what about hair? This will probably disappear from the body altogether in the course of time because it does not serve a useful purpose any longer. In the future,then,both sexes are likely to be bald! Perhaps all this gives the impression that future man will not be a very attractive creature to look at! This may well be ture. All the same, im spite of all these changes, future man will sill have a lot in common with us, He well still be a human being, with thoughts and emotions similar to our own. What about you?
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@Wanderlaugh (1624)
• Australia
28 Jan 07
Recent discoveries indicate that the human cranium has grown significantly in the last 1000 years. On that basis, human development can be expected to evolve relative to behavior and brain usage. It is obvious that the environment of modern humans will not remain static. Therefore the evolutionary adaptions will need to relate to behavioral need. Biological redundancies can reasonably be expected to be discarded. The organic needs of the species are not as easily predicted. It may be that new biological processes may develop as nutrition becomes better or worse, or as environmental factors vary. Isaac Asimov theorized in a story called Mother Earth that humans living on other worlds, which could also describe a drastically altered Earth, would have to adapt, because the supporting biology would be so different. In that case, very significant changes in the organism are a real probability.
• China
5 Feb 07
Thank you for you reply!
@RxONE1 (495)
• United States
28 Jan 07
Uh god! Now i will have a night mare! What an imagination you got! It's funny that's we will looks like an alliens ;)(So alliens wont get scared from us , and will come and say Hi to us) But still nice and looks really will happend Here is what i think: after Many years from now (And if no one stupid tried to kill us with nuclear bomb) I think the humen age will get down and people will start growing fast or maybe they will live longer and will start growing slowly and most thing i was going to say , you said it :) Thats in my view Have a nice day :]