can woman be............

January 28, 2007 6:30am CST
what do u think...if woman can be more successful to man?
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• Philippines
30 Jan 07
In some degree and aspect maybe. But not all the time. Same with men. They can just only dominate certain fields.
30 Jan 07
do u believe that behind the success of a man is a woman..??
• Philippines
31 Jan 07
yeah! that's very true!
1 Feb 07
i guess woman are nice than a man..when ur married u let ur husband work and support him..althought u know u can do better./ i guess woman will be more succesfulll if just giving them more chances.
@dellion (6706)
• Malaysia
11 Feb 07
I think both men and women did share the equal chances in successful rates on whatever things they do in life but am sure for some field might be women can be more excellence than men and vise versa.
12 Feb 07
yes... its true that woman and man are sharing the special opinions and thoughts. thanks for ur comment. cheers!!!
@smartnrich (1067)
• Malaysia
28 Jan 07
Everybody can be more succesfull and can achieve enything what they want regardless of their gender, but it up to their earnestness and strength.
29 Jan 07
Yes, am sure for that as long the person is determinated to rich to the peak...whatever critic they will encounter in life.. he/she still stand up and dont stop..thanks for ur replies!
• India
28 Jan 07
i think successness is not related to men and women it tie with mind, time, and luck.
28 Jan 07
but how many woman in ur community are succesfull to a man...?