Would you donate your organs?

January 28, 2007 7:32am CST
This could be a touchy subject for some. I have my name on the registry for organ donation and have done so for many years. If my organs can save a life when I am no longer here, then I would be happy. My brother is currently on the waiting list for a kidney transplant. If my children should pass away before I do, then I will also give my permission for their organs to be donated. They both understand the importance of this. What are your views?
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@rainbow (6763)
28 Jan 07
I hope your brother gets some help really soon! I think when you face the difficulties of these type of problems you realise how much help is needed. If there are any bits of me left worth having then they can do what they want really.
• Australia
28 Jan 07
I agree that if any parts are worth using, then make them available so that someone can have the chance at a longer life.
@albert2412 (1782)
• United States
29 Jan 07
I know that I can not speak for anyone else, but i am afrad to be listed as an organ donor. So many doctors are very willing to pull the plug on a sick person in the hospital. What if they pull the plug too soon and the doctor kills me before I have a good chance to get well, just to get mu organs? the prospect of this happening freightens me.