What's the best way to stop smoking?

January 28, 2007 8:20am CST
Do you smoke?Smoking is no good for your health.Smoking is bad not only for smoker, but also for non-smokers, especially women and children.Smoke caused by cigarettes may harm their health. If you want to be healthy, you should stop smoking,what's the best way to stop smoking?do you know?
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@sandyroy (132)
• India
29 Jan 07
no pal ...i don' smoke......i think the best way to stop smoking is the smokers should clearly understand its ill-effects....and also they should understand that thay are not the only person affected by it......people around them are also affected because of second hand smoking....if they smoke..5 packets a day...they can stop one packet every month and find an alternative for smoking.
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@beetla (5)
• Israel
29 Jan 07
This is the 3rd. try to respond. hello wm69love88- whatt a silli question is this? I've been smoking since I remember myself. m mom was divorced- then a widdow, and she taught me alesson about smoking; it is better that you smoke at home- openly, in front of me- than to sit in the toilet room and do it "in secret(and mom easilly smells it and knows)". so I started as "erand boy for older boys" at age -5-6, colecting "spent sigarettes that people threw out". then at 22 - i stopped by chance- awager between friends. at 24 started smoking - a pipe - and never returned to sigarettes.at about 50 - I was still coughing each morning - as winter ended - so I decided to leave the smoking - alltogether. 2 months later - I was injured in road - accident. The doctors "ordered me to stop smoking". it was a good laugh for me and the doc. Let us understand the smoking. It is an addiction. an addiction - is something that your mind "compels you to do - over and over agin and again". An Addiction - is in the head . therefore- the "remedy" and "cure" = should start there.smoking is bad - for it is changing the oxigen levels in your blood. smoking is bad- for it is obliterating your taste for foods, so - smoking damages your control of your eating. you loose your normal aetite. this is more important in a woman, than in a man.... Smoking - damages your lungs- directly. smoking - demages you liver functioning- and may bring high blood pressure and higher sugar levels. smoking - damages your immune system - a damage that takes at least 6 months to mend! So youstart - with your head firs. thinking orect - is the most damaged by your addiction to sigarettes.when you stop smoking- first thing - you get more oxigen to the brain - hich begin to function right. Start reading the full blast of the info - about "smoking does bad things to your health"...start thinking it right. start tasting the spices and aromas - of soup, coffee, tea- this is the time - to "pamper your apetite back to rely on your senses". eat enough - and not too much - and as your apetite is arising with the loss of NICOTIN - you must attend to "good and tasty food" - you choose what comes into your mouth(just as you choose who to kiss and let kiss). remember - smoking- is an addiction that is done in public - and as such - damages your suroundings. when you stop - - your surrounding is the first to feel it, and to apploud you and wanting your nearness. stop smoking - in a group of people - as part of a group - with a meaning, a purpose. and remember : it is not done in a day, nor a week - nor a month. 6 months - it takes just to restore your old immune system, and at least 6 months more - you need to mend other parts of your body. Stop smoking- head first - and control the rest of the way - with a clear head.
• United States
7 Feb 07
I finally quit smoking when I got pregnant this last time, and, now, I have asthma from it. Actually, I don't think that smoking was the only thing that caused my asthma, but I do think that it played a factor in it. I think that it's best to just quit. They give you all of these other ways to quit, and these other ways don't necessarily help you quit. They can actually make you feel worse than smoking at times. I have tried the nicotine patch, and it gave me nightmares and weird dreams, which I have heard many people talk about before.
@msqtech (15226)
• United States
7 Feb 07
cold turkey with determination use carrots and celery to defeat the mouth stuffing aspect stay away from the triggers to smoke decide for the right reason to quit