existence of god

January 28, 2007 8:25am CST
has any one seen the GOD?Is there any proof for the existence of GOD?Yes,there are certain things that can proof there is some sort of super natural power guiding,commanding,controlling the whole universe.Nothing is spontaneous in this world.For e.g. if there is any successful org. such as school,there is good commander behind its sucess.The principal of the school is responsible for its success,its discipline etc.Otherwise everyone in the institute(SCHOOL)do anything at its own will,without control of the master.Similar is the case with the world(nature).There is such a discipline in it,for e.g. rising of the sun in the morning and sunset in the evening,the discipline of the seasons etc.Suppose that there is no one who controls the world,then every one will do anything at its own will,everyone trying to become the most richest person of this world,that is not possible bcoz there is some super natural power that maintains the discipline of this world.If there was no such power,then it would be very easy for everyone to fulfil there desire what they wish without caring for others interest.This is the proof of the existence of GOD.
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@vk1945 (65)
• India
7 Feb 07
Thank You very much for believing God. I too believe God. If you want proof, it can not be given unless you believe him.Many people have seen the God.They are Aparoksh Jnanis (People with Devine Knowledge).If you believe them saying thay have seen the God, then you too will see God. God will never disappoint one who believes him. See the symbol I have selected. He is Lord Vithal of Pandharpur in Maharastra in India. Great saints from different parts of the country have seen him. Sacrificed every thing for him. A great saint Purandara Dasa from Karnataka was a millionaire & was a miser by birth. One fine moment he sacrificed every thing had & never looked back.It is said he composed nearly four lakhs devotional songs dedicated to Purandar Vithal.