dont you think if someone is truly sorry for something that

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January 28, 2007 8:46am CST
they will try to apologize, make restitution to the person and not do whatever it was again..? Apologies, the difference in sincere ones and the ones that arent heartfelt? What examples of this have you had in your life?
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28 Jan 07
Yes I abdolutely this should do all of what you said and have had that happen to me with my only child. The result - we are now estranged.
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29 Jan 07
I hope things will get better. I hope that it will all work out for you both and I am sorry to hear that this happened. I just wanted feedback on this topice because I have had what I feel are apologies which are not sincere.
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23 Feb 07
Thank you so much. I susprised you understood it, I must have been tired (excuses excuses LOL)